Zine: Trust Issue, Chapter 0

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Trust Issues is an episodic zine exploring the value of image making and the collaborative process. Chapter 0 serves as the beginning of this experiment and features a series of work I created with Nadia Balogou during the last two months of 2017.

Over the past 3 years, I have shot Nadia for my personal works more times than I can count. She has been the only models who would entertain any insane idea I might have without questioning my sanity. We often joked about the most extreme situations she would go for me to create an image. To her, there should be no limit to the creative process where there is trust.

Although we didn’t break any new ground with this collaboration, these photos are no less meaningful to us.  They encapsulate the essence of someone whom I enjoyed working with over the years. Befittingly, they were also the last photos I took of her before she moved to Ghana for a new life.

This is a parting gift to a muse, Nadia Balogou.

Zine Specification

Chapter 0 of Trust Issue is roughly 5.5 x 7.5 inches. This chapter is limited to only 50 signed copies .Each one is handmade and bounded by Ed Maximus. The zine comprises of 29 photos including two original collages that are cut and glued in the inside covers.  Due to its handmade nature, no two copies are alike. 

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Limited Edition Archival Prints Available

Every photo from it is available as archival prints. They are signed by Ed Maximus and limited to 25 print each + 3 Artist Proofs, regardless of print size. The two collages in the inside covers are limited to 10 pieces + 2 AP and are all handmade individually as original. Anyone who purchases a copy of the zine will receive 25% of any piece from it. And Nadia will receive 25% of the profit for any print sold. 

To inquiry about prints, please use the form below or email maximus@edmaximus.com

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