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Zine: Trust Issues, Chapter 0
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Zine: Trust Issues, Chapter 0

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Trust Issues is an episodic zine exploring the value of image making and the collaborative process. Chapter 0 serves as the beginning of this experiment and features a series of work I created with Nadia Balogou during the last two months of 2017... 


  • Handmade by Ed Maximus
  • Limited to 50 signed and numbered copies 
  • Zine dimension: ~ 5.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Contains 27 photos and 2 collages
  • Release date: August 2018


  • Every photo from the zine is available as archival prints. They are signed and limited to 25 print each + 3 Artist Proofs, regardless of print size. The two collages in the inside covers are limited to 10 pieces + 2 AP and are all handmade individually as original. 
  • Anyone who purchases a copy of the zine will receive 25% of any piece from it. And Nadia will receive 25% of the profit for any print sold. 
  • To inquire about prints' availability and price, please email maximus@edmaximus.com

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