Palo | Vogue Italia

This photostory is a collaboration between Ed Maximus and Amelia Rami celebrating the cultural similarities between their homeland through the use of fashion. Being from Haiti, Ed Maximus has always been fascinated with the culture of the Dominican Republic and how both countries are conjoined by more than the island they share. Amelia, as a Dominican, takes pride in being an Afro Latina and in knowing that her ancestry is deeply rooted on the same soil that our people were stolen from... Palo in the Dominican Republic or Voodoo in Haiti is one of our commonalities.

Photographer: Ed Maximus
Model: Amelia Rami (Heroes NYC)
Styling: Zu SB
Hair Stylist: Suhailah Wali
Makeup Artist: Jaleesa Jaikaran
Assistant: Tasha Gear

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