Ed Maximus is a Haitian photographer and visual artist based in New York City.

As a young boy, he dreamed of traveling through space as an astronaut. In 2000, he moved to the United States where he found himself not in space, but definitely in a new world. One in college at the University of Florida, he channeled his profound interest in science and problem solving into a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineer and a Minor in Mathematics. 

In 2009 during his final year of formal education, he picked up a camera as a relief from the rigorous course load. And what started as a simple break from academia turned into a form of therapy that has helped him stay grounded in this chaotic world. Post-graduation, he spent a few years balancing his engineering career and his new-found love for photography.

He eventually moved to New York City in 2014 to further pursue his career in photography and visual art. Combining his technical and precise eye with his bold point of view, Maximus creates both fashion and fine art works that focus on elevating the essence of his subjects without sacrificing his voice as an artist.


Vogue Italia, Allure, Essence, ElleSerbia, L’Officiel Singapore, Elle Indonesia, L’Opera Magazine, For Colored Girls(Self-Published), Anatomy of Emotions (Self-Published) 

For all inquiry, please email maximus@edmaximus.com

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