Ed Maximus

1st Generation | Vogue Italia

Creative Director/Photographer: Ed Maximus | Director: Gladimir Gelin

First Generation | Vogue Italia

First Generation is a project celebrating parents who have been supportive of their kids on their journey in the creative industry. Inspired by my own experience and the positive familial relationships of my peers, I strived to create a narrative that could inspire other parents who are hesitant about supporting their kids' dreams. I am eternally grateful to be from a family in which neither of my parents placed a burden on me to be anything other than what I wanted to be for myself. They equipped me with the tools and the wherewithal to create my own path. And because of their enormous sacrifice and unwavering support, I am where I am today.

Commissioned by Vogue Italia as a Mother's Day feature, this photostory is the first part of the project. 

Top: Ms. Adams and her daughter Dominique | Bottom: Ms Rembert and her daughter Najiyah

Top: Ms Love and her son Jordun | Bottom: Ms. Melendez and her son Roberto

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