Exhibition Press Kit

Updated on April 22th, 2018

Exhibition Date: Saturday, March 17th, 2018
Exhibition Location: Holyrad Studio, 20 Grand Ave. Suite 706, BK NY 11206
Time: 3 PM – 10 PM


“For Colored Girls” is Ed Maximus’ ongoing project focusing on exploring a singular message while using the human body as a canvas. This project was conceived in 2015 as a response to his frustration with the broken narrative that is often presented about black women’s bodies.  A major part of that narrative involves the policing, politicization, and censorship of their body in both the real and art world. With this series, he has been collaborating with black women from different walks of life to highlight the beauty of their physical and spiritual being through their nude form. His goal is to create a body of work that every black woman can see a piece of themselves in. 

“For Colored Girls” will be on view at Holyrad studio on March 17th as a one-day solo exhibition and is organized by Daryl Oh and Lanee Bird. It will feature at least one piece for every woman who has been part of the project so far.  Door for the exhibition will be open at 3 PM for the public. At 7:50 PM, there will be a brief artist talk and opportunity for the audience to ask questions about the work on display. The event will then transition into a conversation about the representation of the black women’s bodies in the art world. This discussion will be led by three of the women who have contributed to this series: Joi Broughton, Lorelei Black and Madelynn Poulson.


Ed Maximus was born and raised in Haiti, then moved to the United States in 2000. From an early age, he wanted to be an astronaut because of his fascination with stargazing, the solar system, and space traveling. While in college, he decided to give up that dream and chose to become a mechanical engineer instead. In 2009, a year prior to receiving his engineering degree, he picked up photography as a form of therapy for the stress he endures during his study. Over the next few years, he found his voice through the medium as he balanced the life of being an engineer and photographer. He moved to New York City in 2014 to further pursue his career in photography.

Ed Maximus navigates both the fashion and fine art world by creating engaging work that focuses on highlighting the essence of his subjects.


2016       Exit Light, Group Exhibition, Picture Farm Pro, New York USA
2017       Monochrome, Group Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens Greece
2017       Fine Art, Group Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens Greece
2018       For Colored Girls, Solo Exhibition, Holyrad Studio, New York USA


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Ed Maximus –  www.edmaximus.com - maximus@edmaximus.com
Holyrad Studio –  www.holyradstudio.com - studio@holyradstudio.com

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Selected Pieces 

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